About Us


Established by Martijn & Amy van Tilborgh in 2008, Four Rivers Media is a faith-based marketing/media company which partners with influencers to bring their unique message to market and expand their audience in innovative ways, leaving a deeper impact and generating revenues. 

Four Rivers is relationship-based and works with many trusted partners and valued clients. At the time this document is prepared our team is made of 37 amazing people, most living in Florida, but also Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Tennessee, and Texas, as well as in Argentina and The Netherlands. Four Rivers' headquarters and warehouse are in Sanford, Florida.



Companies owned or co-owned by Four Rivers


Together with Sam Chand

Together with Sam Chand

Together with Sam Chand

Together with Sam Chand and Mike Kai

Together with Sam Chand, Maury Davis, and Ron Mcmanus

Ministries + Influencers we partner with:


Louis Carr

Thrive Today

Colleen Rouse

Live Big

Derek Grier Ministries

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